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#Tech4Policy empowers young women to design digital solutions to governance and democratization challenges in Kosovo’s municipalities.

About Tech4Policy

Problem diagnosis

We work with municipalities and local communities to identify the burning problems they face day in day out.

Digital problem-solving

We create a supportive environment for catalyzation of innovative solutions that leverage modern technologies for contributing to social good.

Skill development and product design

We equip young women with the necessary skills to design real-world digital solutions to local governance challenges.

Where do we work?

Our Municipal Partners

Through close engagement with citizens and local leaders, Tech4Policy strives to improve governance in Kosovo’s municipalities all while boosting employability of young women in the high-potential ICT sector.
Over two years, Tech4Policy will work with 10 municipalities and engage 250 young women across Kosovo in digital product development that will serve its citizens and contribute to social wellbeing.


In the first year of the project implementation, we are thrilled to work with the municipalities of:


In the second year of the project implementation, we are thrilled to work with the municipalities of:

  • VITI


Municipal Working Sessions

Working with officials on identifying gaps in local governance.

Community Consultations

Listening to the needs of citizens.


Equipping young women-coders with digital product development skills.

Prototyping Digital Solutions

Engaging participants in hands-on problem-solving.


Supporting full development of winning digital solutions.

Product Delivery

Delivering digital products to municipalities.

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Digital Solutions

Tech4Policy has engaged at 250 young women from 10 difference municipalities and minority groups in designing and implementing up to 4 digital solutions to governance and democratization problems.

Employment Platform

Digitalises recruitment for municipal jobs.


Digital databse of patient medical records.

Illegal Buildings

Enables anonymous reporting of illegal buildings by citizens


Digital platform enabling citizens to access municipal services.


A platform offering psychological advice and support.

Family Medical Center

Digital databse of patient medical records.


A platform digitalising the loan system of the city library.

Digital Application System

A platform digitalising the recruitment process for municipal jobs.

Driving Application

A platform digitalisng the process of receiving driving licence.

Digital Gradebook

A platform digitalising the student results.

Saving Lives

Connecting dog shelters to restaurants with leftovers.


Platform digitalising the loan system of the city library.

Clean City

Enables reporting of polluters of public spaces.


An online inter-city bus schedule.


Don't Waste Food.

Online Grants

A platform that digitalizes the application process for grants and subventions.


Activities for Culture, Youth and Sports platform.

The psychologist

A platform to help teens in schools with their everyday problems.

Rate my professor

Enables online rating of the quality of education in public schools.


The citizen will have access to the municipal assembly where they can get information on their internal processes.

Online Employment & Social Welfare Center

Our Web App facilitates the registration of municipal citizens at the Employment & Social Welfare Center.


Helps people find what they need for a certain document.

Online Grants

A platform that digitalizes the application process for grants and subventions.

Smart City

Created a tool for citizens to report problems in the public spaces.

Agricultural Strategy

The collecting points for agricultural products, the green markets in the municipality of Vitia.


Strategic points of location for planting agricultural products in the city of Vushtrri.


Report on traffic problems/changes.


Local parking spaces (both public and private), taxi locations and local buses in the municipality of Vushtrria.


Employment platform for the citizens of the Municipality of Klina.


A platform that aims to prevent the selling of alcohol and tobacco products to youth.


Platform for events/happenings in the Municipality of Vushtrri.


A platform that offers support for people with mental illness and disabilities in the Municipality of Klina.


A platform for the digitized library in the Municipality of Lipjan.


A platform for showing events that are planned to take place, adding new events and requesting new events for the Municipality of Vushtrri.


An application to show the spaces for private and public parking in the Municipality of Lipjan.

Raportimi për trajektore

Platform for reporting the obstacles and difficulties faced by persons with disabilities.

Platform for reporting irregularities in public transport and providing information on the bus timetable of the Municipality of Vushtrri.

Fal buzëqeshje

A platform to cooperate with the Red Cross in Lipjan, to help families in need by donating clothes, and other items which families may need.


A platform designed to help autistic children, their parents, their families and teachers regarding the problems that children face every day.

Computer Geeks

Informing citizens about the taxes paid by companies/businesses or organizations.


Schedule/cancel an appointment at the nearest Family Medical Center, provides necessary information on all the doctors available.


Citizens have the opportunity to report problems and possible irregularities, as well as to express their needs for the community they live in.


Informing citizens about the conditions necessary to cultivate particular products and the areas suitable for the cultivation.

Reciklo Kosova

Information platform about waste recycling by using different tools such as certain bags/bins for different garbage.


Report on traffic problems/changes.

Mos Prit

The digital platform to inform citizens about the necessary documents that they need to have before they are provided with another official document such as birth certificate. Also citizens will be informed about the waiting list at the designated counters in the respective municipality. The platform enables you to make a reservation to apply for different documents.


The digital platform to show cases when property owners are women in the municipality of Vitia.


Platform to report violations of Law for Employees from companies, and to make analysis and show statistics from these reports in Vitia Municipality.


Platform to help citizens (employees) to respect their rights and to make it easier to report on violations of their rights.


The digital platform for informing middle-school students about the subject syllabi which are held in technical high schools.


Platform to show road maps where accidents occur and where is a traffic jam so that drivers are well informed about traffic.


The digital platform to promote old-traditional clothes, tools and handicrafts used in the past.


Rreze Sadikaj

Edona Haziraj

Erblina Osmani

Brikenda Lajqi

Aurora Nura

Erona Vrapçani

Rea Kasumi

Brikena Ahmeti

Blerina Shkodra

Implementing Partners

Open Data Kosovo

Open Data Kosovo (ODK) is a civic-tech NGO that recognizes the importance of technology for contributing to good governance and social good. ODK's core mission in Kosovo is to enhance government transparency and accountability by implementing solutions that revolve around public access to government data, and supporting data-driven and evidence-based policy-making. ODK has a strong commitment to gender equality and partners with relevant grassroots organizations such as Girls Coding Kosova to empower young women interested in technology. ODK received the Albanian ICT Award 2017 recognition for Decode Darfur, a project (application) that enables identification of areas affected by violence and destruction in Sudan through the use of satellite imagery.

Girls Coding Kosova

Girls Coding Kosova's mission is to encourage women to reach their full academic and professional potential in the field of technology and related technical disciplines. We aim to enable young women to develop high-value skills and gain a sense of empowerment in Kosovo’s challenging labour market environment. GCK’s network spans across all municipalities in Kosovo and includes over eight hundred (800) active members aged between fifteen and twenty-five. We are constantly working on bringing events to young enthusiastic girls of Kosovo in order to encourage and support them in coding, launching of own entrepreneurial initiatives, or working as developers in other exciting start-ups in the country. GCK received the FIDES 2016 Award for national contribution and the Albanian Woman in ICT Award 2017.

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This project is funded by the European Union.

#Tech4Policy (Youth-Designed Digital Solutions to Promote Democratic Engagement and Support Evidence Based Policy-Making) is an EU Funded Project, implemented by Open Data Kosovo in partnership with Girls Coding Kosova.

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